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Welcome to NOVA
How to start
How to Profit
Payments and Finances
Tokens and blockchain
Laws and regulations

Welcome to NOVA

What is NOVA?

NOVA is a mobile app for low-cost investments in tokenized real estate. NOVA is developed by Headway. It belongs to the Headway ecosystem of licensed financial services for clients around the world. 

NOVA allows people to invest in high-performing real property and benefit from it with as little as 50 USD.

Users gain profits by means of blockchain-based tokens that constitute a real apartment, house, or villa.

What does “tokenized real estate” mean?

Tokenized real estate is a physical property fractionated into tokens (i.e. shares) via a smart contract on the blockchain. 

Real estate has always been an attractive investment opportunity. But the high cost made it difficult for most people to invest in it.

Tokenization democratizes the real estate market. Now anyone can buy a share of an apartment for a minimum charge and get high returns regularly. Blockchain technologies make it possible.

Real estate tokens issued by NOVA help you to grow your capital and get stable passive income with minimum risk.

Why invest in real estate tokens?

Real estate tokens are one of the most affordable and easy ways to profit from the property market. Here is why you should invest in NOVA: 

Tokens are affordable

The token price starts at 50 USD. One token may constitute 1/3000th, 1/5000th, or a lesser share of the property price.

Tokens provide long-term passive income

NOVA offers various ways to profit from real estate. Be it rental dividends, property appreciation, or both – you’ll get your % of return in due time.

Tokens are transparent

You can verify NOVA’s smart contracts and transactions on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Tokens are under your control

You can transfer tokens to a crypto wallet or sell them to other investors.

How can I contact NOVA?

Should you have any questions about NOVA, contact us in the live chat or via care@hwnova.site 

Join our Telegram channel to stay updated.

How to start

How do I become an investor?

Here are five steps to take: 

  1. Install the NOVA app, register or log in using your Headway account details.
  2. Verify your identity to use the NOVA service to the fullest.
  3. All currently available properties wait for you on the Invest page. Learn more about the properties and their forecasted profitability.
  4. Make a choice – purchase tokens. You can use many payment methods, including crypto and fiat (USD, EUR, and more).
  5. When the order is processed, your tokens, the dividends calendar, and property details will appear in the Portfolio. 

And just like that, you become a real estate investor with NOVA.

Can I invest in NOVA?

You can work with NOVA from any country in the world if you are authorized and over 18 years old.

We don’t provide our service to users from the USA and Russian Federation for legal reasons.

Do I need to be a pro in blockchain?

Only if you want that yourself 🙂

The NOVA mobile app is an easy way to use blockchain for investing in real estate. It provides all the necessary information about property assets for you to make a well-informed decision.

NOVA is a platform designed for users of all skill levels. It fits crypto gurus and beginners who know little-to-no about blockchain technologies. 

If you want to learn more about crypto and blockchain, we’ll be glad to help you along the way.

How much do I need to invest?

Almost anyone can afford real estate tokens powered by blockchain. 

NOVA has investment projects with various strategies available for a minimum token price, which may start from 50 USD. NOVA provides the lowest investment sum the real estate market can offer today.

How to Profit

How do I earn money with NOVA?

To start investing with NOVA, you need to purchase a property token in the Invest section. You can use many payment methods, including crypto and fiat (USD, EUR, and more). 

The token price depends on the current market price of a property. The property appreciates over time – and your token price grows correspondingly. With NOVA, you also profit from regular dividends paid for properties rented long- or short-term.

Invest in real estate tokens to enter the property market within your means. Profit from its ever-growing appreciation and renting.

What is property appreciation?

Property appreciation is a type of dividend paid once at the end of the investment project. It is paid regardless of your investment strategy. 

When a property grows in market value, the token price increases correspondingly. With tokens, you profit from property appreciation.

You buy 100 tokens for 5500 USD. The property costs 275,000 USD. In 5 years, it appreciates to 412,500 USD with +10% per annum. Your tokens bring returns of 8250 USD (+2750 USD).

Appreciation rates are displayed in property details.

For extra benefits, consider investing in Holiday Home or Long-Term Rent projects.

What is a rental dividend?

Rental dividend is a type of dividend paid for rented properties in Holiday Home and Long-Term Rent projects. You receive it regularly when a property is rented (long- or short-term).

This is how it works:

The property management company finds tenants for a property. When tenants pay the rent, NOVA distributes this money between investors according to the number of tokens they own.

The pay-out frequency depends on property occupancy and your investment strategy. 

Upcoming rental payouts are scheduled in the calendar, Portfolio section.

What property investment strategy to choose?

NOVA offers three investing strategies:

Capital Gain: You profit from property appreciation at the end of the investing period. Non-rented properties may bring higher appreciation returns.

Holiday Home: You profit from property appreciation and short-term rent. Your income may fluctuate due to higher prices for a vacation stay.

Long-Term Rent: You profit from property appreciation and long-term rent. Your income is more stable and predictable.Choose any strategy – each will profit you.

NOVA will create new investment programs soon. Stay tuned!

How much return on investment (ROI) can I expect?

ROI is a forecasted rate of investment returns for the whole duration of the project. It includes all dividend types before operational expenses.

ROI depends on your investment strategy and property features. NOVA offers two types of investment return: 

  • property appreciation (for all strategies),
  • rental dividends (for Holiday Home and Long-Term Rent.)

On NOVA, your return on investment is unlimited. Some properties may outperform over the years and bring you advanced results. 

See full project details and exact ROI rates on a property description page.

Why may ROI rates change?

We calculate ROI based on market data and adjust the forecasted figures to current prices. 

Like any other market, real estate is ever-changing. It’s okay when property prices go up and down in the growth market with increasing liquidity.

Payments and Finances

Do I need cryptocurrency to buy tokens?

Crypto is not the only way to buy tokens on NOVA. You can use fiat and crypto payment methods at your discretion.

Buy tokens for a predictable price with no surprise: NOVA compensates 100% of payment system commissions for your purchases.

How do I receive my dividends?

Once the project is funded, the dividend period starts.

In a Long-Term Rent or Holiday Home strategy, you get the first rental dividends three months after a property is funded. They are paid out quarterly until the project ends. 

A property may be rented for less than a quarter. For instance, it can be for two months instead of three. In this case, you receive rental dividends for two months correspondingly. 

When the project ends positively, you receive dividends for property appreciation and your initial investments.

If you transferred tokens to a private e-wallet, bring them back to receive the final payment.

What is the frequency of dividends payout?

The payout regularity depends on the investment strategy of a NOVA property. You can check the frequency of payouts on the property’s page (Rental details section → Dividends distribution.)

Capital Gain: You receive property appreciation dividends at the end of the investing project.

Holiday Home: You receive regular dividends for short-term rent and final dividends for property appreciation.

Long-Term Rent: You receive regular quarterly dividends for long-term rent and final dividends for property appreciation.

How can I withdraw my dividends?

All types of dividends are credited to your dividend wallet. You will see dividends available for withdrawal in the Portfolio, section Dividends available

You can withdraw them via any available payment method.

Please, be aware: Some payment systems may charge a commission or require a minimum amount of money to process your withdrawal.

When will my investment reach its full potential?

Investing in real estate is a long-term activity. It brings stable passive income in the long run and therefore carries lower risks compared to other investments.

A property investment project provided by NOVA may last from two to nine years. To check the project duration, go to the property page → Financials section → see Duration

During the project, the NOVA team is continuously monitoring the market. NOVA may end the project ahead of schedule if the best opportunity to sell the property comes sooner. The NOVA team informs investors about the early close-out in advance.

What commission does NOVA charge?

There are four types of operational expenses:

Service fee is charged off dividends to cover the service costs.

Government tax is charged off dividends by the government from all entities generating income.

Property management fee is charged off dividends for professional property maintenance.

Appreciation fee is charged off the difference in property prices only once if its valuation has increased at the end of the project.

For the Capital Gain strategy, NOVA collects only the appreciation fee. All four fees are charged for Holiday Home and Long-Term Rent strategies.

Tokens and blockchain

What is a token?

A real estate token is a digital share of real estate assets powered by blockchain technology. 

NOVA tokens constitute real property (an apartment, house, or villa) and depend on its market price. 

NOVA tokens allow holders to get a share of real estate appreciation and gain dividends from its rent. Whenever the property appreciates, the value of each token grows accordingly. 

With NOVA, token holders profit from the real estate market with a minimal initial investment.

How do I receive my tokens?

After you have bought tokens in the app, you will see them in the Portfolio. 

All tokens are stored by default at the blockchain address provided by NOVA. You can find the token storage address on the My tokens page of your Portfolio. If you want to keep your token(s) in your private wallet, verify your account and transfer tokens in whole or in parts.

Once all property tokens are sold out, the project is funded and starts to generate profits. From this time on, you will see all upcoming dividend payouts scheduled in the calendar.

How will the token price evolve?

Unlike other crypto tokens, NOVA tokens link to a real object – an apartment, house, or villa. 

As a result, the token price may go up or down together with the property price established by supply and demand in the market.

NOVA aims to update property prices monthly. These reevaluations may change the property prices and, therefore, the value of token appreciation.

NOVA tries to provide the actual prices for funded properties you invest in and keep you well-informed about market shifts.

Can I get a refund for my tokens? Can I resell them?

At the moment, you receive your initial investments plus the profits only when the investment project ends. The NOVA team is currently working on the refund system for early exit. 

To leave a project sooner, you may resell your token(s) to another person and transfer them to a new address via blockchain fully on your own responsibility. That way, a new user becomes the owner of your tokens. 

Please, be aware: NOVA protects your tokens only when they are stored at the original storage address. Once you transfer tokens out of the platform, you become fully responsible for their security.

What is a "crypto wallet"? Do I need it?

A wallet is like a bank account in the blockchain system. You can safely store your tokens at the Ethereum address provided by NOVA or transfer them to your Ethereum wallet. 

Crypto wallets have a public address and a private key. Each is a unique encrypted combination of letters and digits. 

A public address relates to a private key in the way an account number relates to a PIN code. You access money/tokens in the account only with a private key. 

Anyone who has your key can access your wallet and tokens. Keep the key confidential!

What can I do with my tokens?

Once you become a token owner, you can transfer tokens to a private Ethereum wallet. 

A NOVA user can have an unlimited number of e-wallets. The same wallet can be connected only to one user. When you connect an e-wallet to NOVA, it is validated via the web3 signature.

If you disconnect an e-wallet from NOVA, you will not see transferred tokens and your dividends on the Portfolio page. To withdraw dividends and see the statistics, you will need to re-connect your wallet to NOVA.

I sold my tokens to a person who is not a NOVA user. What’s next?

If a third party becomes the owner of your tokens, they need to sign up on NOVA to see the property statistics and receive dividends for the period of their ownership. 

After the sign-up, the new owner must connect their Ethereum wallet where they store tokens to NOVA and verify it with their signature.

Then they will be able to see tokens and dividends in their Portfolio. They can also withdraw the available dividend funds via any method.


How does NOVA choose a property for an investing offer?

NOVA partners with real estate experts and property suppliers to select the most attractive properties. 

NOVA is assessing investment efficiency for each property with the standard criteria:  

  • the attractiveness of the area, 
  • rent potential, 
  • technical installations of the property, 
  • yearly taxes, 
  • potential value increase, 
  • reNOVAtion needs in the following years,
  • and other.
Who manages the NOVA properties?

NOVA partners with local real estate experts, property suppliers, and property management companies.

Property management companies hold complete responsibility for property management, including its maintenance, rent, and furnishing.

Headway NOVA holds the right to cease its partnership with any property management company if it is not acting in the best interests of NOVA investors or blocking the achievement of investment targets.

Does NOVA reevaluate the price for a funded property?

Every NOVA property has a starting price. It is valid during the funding stage when you can still buy property tokens on the platform. 

Once all tokens are sold out to investors, the property gets a new status – Funded. The investment period begins, and property prices may start to fluctuate. 

NOVA analyzes the real estate market and keeps you informed about its current moves. The NOVA team updates the property prices monthly in case any change happens.

In what countries are NOVA properties located?

The NOVA goal is to offer the best properties for investment. The team opens doors to all available and highly profitable real estate markets around the globe.

At the moment, NOVA offers high-performing properties in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s the fastest-growing real estate market in the world.

New properties are coming soon. Stay tuned for more!

What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay rent?

NOVA pays out rental dividends to token holders only when this money is collected from tenants. 

If a tenant doesn’t pay the rent or the property isn’t currently rented, investors don’t receive the dividends for that period. 

Good news: While the property isn’t rented, investors don’t pay property management fees out of their dividends.

Laws and regulations

Are real estate tokens legal?

Digital tokens on NOVA signify participatory investments in real estate assets. Tokenized assets are regulated as financial instruments, made more efficient and transparent through the use of blockchain technology. It’s important to note, these digital tokens issued by NOVA are not traditional crypto assets such as Bitcoin or Ether. Instead, they serve as digital representations of real properties.

Headway NOVA application is operated by JAROCEL PTY LTD (registration number 2021/883863/07; 3 Flamingo Crescent, Beacon Bay, East London, 5241, South Africa). 

JAROCEL PTY LTD is authorized and regulated by FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority), license number 52108.

Who owns the property?

Headway NOVA collaborates with real estate companies operating within various international markets. The partners supply real properties for NOVA to tokenize them using blockchain technology. 

NOVA operations are grounded in an agreement between JAROCEL PTY LTD and property suppliers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market.

When you purchase a NOVA token, you receive a personal purchase contract. The contract states the specific property supplier, tokens of which you now own. It allows you to have a share of the revenue generated by the property.