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Innovate Your Way to Real Estate

Invest in tokenized property from world-class markets. Build up your capital starting with 50 USD.

We are Headway

NOVA is an investment service developed by Headway. It belongs to the Headway ecosystem of licensed financial services for clients around the world.

Same real estate, but tokenized

Tokenization is a division of real property into digital tokens stored on the blockchain.

When you own a token, you own the right to receive profits from the property,
i.e., from its long-term appreciation and rent.

Affordable and easy-to-use

NOVA app opens all previously closed doors. With as much as 50 USD, you profit from high-end properties around the globe.

High-tech and secure

Blockchain-driven smart contracts ensure security and transparency. This technology provides worldwide access to real estate.

Profitable and stable

Your investments bring returns during the whole project. Diversify your portfolio with tokens of different properties.

Real estate is prestigious

Everyone can be an investor with NOVA. Enter the high-end property market in the UAE. It is rapidly growing, just like your profits.

How it works for you

We issue tokens

NOVA partners with real estate experts. We issue tokens of the best properties in the market at an affordable price

You invest

You can choose a property and buy as many tokens as you like to invest in it

You profit

You receive regular dividends from property rent and a share of its total appreciation

Start with NOVA in 1-2-3

Sign up in 10 sec

Explore properties currently available for investment.


Buy as many tokens as you like to invest in a property.

Collect dividends

Receive regular payments for rent and property appreciation.

Your dividends are your income

NOVA offers various investment strategies and profit types.
Be it a rental dividend, a boost of property appreciation, or both
– you get your % of return in due time.

Capital Gain

You profit from property appreciation at the end of the investing period.

Long-Term Rent

You profit from property appreciation and long-term rent.

Holiday Home

You profit from property appreciation and short-term rental of a holiday home.

Invest in Real Estate Online

NOVA and modern technology will help you. It’s time to make the first investment!

Invest now

Quick help

What is a token?

A real estate token is a digital share of real estate assets powered by blockchain technology. Tokens issued by NOVA constitute real property (an apartment, house, or villa) and depend on its market price.

NOVA tokens allow holders to get a share of real estate appreciation and gain dividends from its rent. Whenever the property appreciates, the value of each token grows accordingly.

With NOVA, token holders profit from the real estate market with as little as 50 USD of an initial investment.

Real estate tokens are the synergy of real estate, Web 3.0, and blockchain technology. They offer new opportunities in the ever-evolving crypto industry and the stable real estate market for investors around the world.

How do I become an investor?
Here are five steps to take: 

  1. Install the NOVA app, register or log in using your Headway account details.
  2. Verify your identity to use the NOVA service to the fullest.
  3. All currently available properties wait for you on the Invest page. Learn more about the properties and their forecasted profitability.
  4. Make a choice – purchase tokens. You can use many payment methods, including crypto and fiat (USD, EUR, and more).
  5. When the order is processed, your tokens, the dividends calendar, and property details will appear in the Portfolio. 

And just like that, you become a real estate investor with NOVA.

How much return on investment (ROI) can I expect?
ROI is a forecasted rate of investment returns for the whole duration of the project. It includes all dividend types before operational expenses.ROI depends on your investment strategy and property features. NOVA offers two types of investment return: 

  • property appreciation (for all strategies),
  • rental dividends (for Holiday Home and Long-Term Rent.)

On NOVA, your return on investment is unlimited. Some properties may outperform over the years and bring you advanced results. 

See full project details and exact ROI rates on a property description page.