Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is a residential area in the south of Dubai. This district is the third best-selling in the UAE. Though it is close to the city center, JVC is a calm and family-friendly place with affordable housing options. In the article, we share more details on JVC and why you should invest in it with Headway NOVA.

Area overview

The JVC district occupies 870 hectares. The general developer is Nakheel Properties, a leading property company in Dubai. Still, there are over 20 residential projects in JVC. The district is therefore developing at a fast pace and with high competition advantageous for customers. JVC is a freehold property, which means that both locals and foreign investors can buy property here. 

The area consists of 350 towers and 33 parks. It offers reasonably priced housing ranging from 50 to 150 square meters. The offerings include studios, high-end apartments, townhouses, villas, and 5-bedroom houses. The properties feature recreation areas, such as swimming pools, gyms, and maintained gardens.

JVC is located in proximity to major districts of Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and others. Thus, it is the third most popular area among real estate investors in the UAE.

Architectural features

The main feature of JVC urban architecture is that it is built as a circle. In 2005, the JVC community was built with radial streets meeting in the round center. The name of the district, Jumeirah Village Circle, explicitly suggests it. 

Radial structure helps the district to balance the traffic and people flows. The district center is active and loud. Important infrastructure is also concentrated in the district’s heart. Whereas more distant areas are quiet and modest. 

Thanks to such space organization, the district manages to be lively and private at the same time. It is advised to choose properties further from the circle’s center to find a home with no tourists and noise around.


The JVC area is located in proximity to roads and state highways, such as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Khail Road (E44). Traveling from JVC to any other city spot by car is easy and takes a short while. For example, you can drive from JVC to local destinations – JLT, Dubai Marina, Dubai Exhibition Centre, or Palm Jumeirah – in 20 minutes.


The JVC district mixes up the big city standards with a village-like calm lifestyle. To any local citizen, there are many places for work and leisure:

  • cafes and restaurants,
  • beauty salons and laundries,
  • real estate offices, 
  • pet shops, 
  • supermarkets (including Carrefour, All Day Minimart, Blue Mart, and Spinneys)
  • sweet shops, 
  • veterinarians and pharmacies,
  • massage centers, 
  • medical and dental clinics, 
  • auto parts stores,
  • fashion shops, 
  • catering kitchens,
  • cosmetic shops,
  • tailoring shops, 
  • smoking accessories stores,
  • florist shops, and many more…

There is also a big shopping mall, Circle Mall. It comprises over 250 shops of clothing, household goods, markets, sports equipment, and groceries. Circle Mall is the center of the district’s activity close at hand.

From JVC distinct, you can easily access Dubai outdoor attractions and places of worship: the Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Butterfly Garden, Wild Wadi Waterpark, JVC Mosque, Saleh Bin Lahej Mosque, and Emirates Baptist Church.

Family values

Jumeirah Village Circle pitches itself as a family-friendly district and puts a great emphasis on family values. The community is appreciated for outdoor spaces: There are many parks around, walking areas, playgrounds for children, and tracks for jogging and biking.

To support families in the long run, JVC facilitates its citizens with preschool care, hospitals, kindergartens, kids’ nurseries, learning centers, high-end schools, and university campuses. For instance, the University of Wollongong and Middlesex University Dubai are within a 15-minute drive from JVC. It makes this district a perfect place to raise children.

Reasonably priced properties

Another unique selling proposition of JVC is its pricing. Unlike popular communities, like Dubai Marina, property in JVC costs less but is marked by an equal level of luxury and quality. 

To put this in perspective, the average price per square meter in Dubai Marina is now around square meter 33,000 USD. Meanwhile, in JVC it is only 11,000 USD. And the price forecasts are promising.

JVC is going up

A strong need for family-oriented neighborhoods makes the present Dubai real estate market. JVC property meets the demand and therefore grows in price. 

On average, the JVC property is expected to grow by 15% in the years ahead. The rental yields are over 8.5% for studios and 1-bed apartments. 3- and 4-bedroom units are expected to bring 6.67% ROI, 2-bedroom flats – 6.65%. 

Property in such a location is perfect for long-term investment: It is rented for more than one year and, therefore, generates profit for longer periods.

The local government is sponsoring JVC to make it a take-off investment area. Together with governmental support, the well-developed infrastructure adds to the JVC’s attractiveness to investors. 

The fourth part of the JVC territory is yet to be developed. The First Group developer is in the process of building luxury apartment hotels in the upcoming years. Thus, there is enough room for the district to appreciate even more. 

Blue Garnet Dubai, your first investment in JVC

You can invest in Jumeirah Village Circle right now – with the help of NOVA. The furnished 1-bed Blue Garnet Dubai JVC 11 is an apartment located in Bloom Towers, JVC. 

The 70 square meters property is situated closer to the outer circle of the district, away from its loud center. Residents of Blue Garnet Dubai get access to the shared gym and swimming pool on-site and can use the assigned parking spot. 

The apartment is within quick reach of big shopping malls, traffic centers, and local attractions. From this spot, it takes only 15 minutes to visit the famous Palm Islands by car.

Key property features:

• Initial price: $240,000
• One bedroom, two bathrooms
• Swimming pool
• Parking spot
• Shared gym
• Close to state highways
• Away from noisy central streets
• Well-developed infrastructure

Invest in JVC now with NOVA

If you are looking for the best real estate to start your investments, Blue Garnet Dubai JVC 11 is the one for you. Here is why this property benefits NOVA investors and you, too:

It is a long-term conservative investment.

The Blue Garnet Dubai offering by NOVA is a long-term project. It will benefit its investors for three years in a row thanks to regular rent and perpetual market appreciation of the property.

It is popular.

Blue Garnet Dubai JVC 11 is a 1-bed apartment, which now is the most sought-after housing configuration for rent.

It is perfect for families.

The property is highly attractive for small families. The neighborhood is quiet and well-developed. A middle-class family of two people could rent the property for many years to raise children. Such a renting mode could bring you regular and stable passive income in the years ahead.

It has a good ROI compared to others.

Blue Garnet Dubai JVC 11 is reasonably priced in the market right now. It makes the final ROI one of the most lucrative market options. Your investment in JVC will bring up to 55% for three years!

It is affordable.

Investing in Dubai’s property with NOVA is accessible to all. Blue Garnet Dubai JVC 11 token price starts at only 48 USD!

Take your chance and profit from Blue Garnet Dubai JVC 11 with NOVA! Already 20% buy-out, the offer is limited.  Invest now!