Investing in tokenized real estate is a modern way to benefit from the property market. With real estate tokens, you own the right to profit from a property, i.e., its long-term appreciation and rent. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of tokenized real estate and why it is a go-to option for your investments in years ahead.

Traditional investing VS. tokenized real estate

Real estate has always been one of the most stable and profitable ways to protect and build wealth. Still, only big investors could enter this market with enough capital to own and maintain the property to gain profits. Smaller investors were left out of the market, and the big ones were inflexible with their real estate capital.

The growing popularity of blockchain technology proved that property investing can be reformed to profit small investors and increase agility for large investors. The key to solving this problem was real estate tokenization.

Tokenized real estate takes the best of two financial worlds. First, it is still inextricably linked to the physical property and the live real estate market. Second, it is based on cutting-edge decentralized technology that helps to digitally divide one asset into cheaper pieces and keep this data on the accessible-to-all blockchain.

Let’s dive into detail and see what tokenized real estate brings to the table for retail investors.


A token can constitute 1/1000th, 1/2000th, or an even lesser unit of a property. Thus, if a property costs over 300,000 USD, one 1/2000th token equals 150 USD. 

It is a far more affordable investment than the original property price. Moreover, this investment reserves all rights for profits from this property, i.e., its appreciation and rent.

You can invest as much as you like – and receive profits corresponding to your initial investment.

Diversification of investment

As a token investor, you are not tied to one property. On NOVA, you can buy tokens of properties from around the world, including the world-class market in Dubai. 

NOVA tokens are designed for diversification. With affordable entry requirements and property offerings, you can choose the best properties to invest in and create a unique investment portfolio.


The regular long-term ROI available in traditional investment is around 2-5% per annum, depending on your country of stay. You receive such returns for a deposit offered by your local bank. 

For reference, property appreciation is much higher, up to 15% per annum. Investing 100 USD in real estate tokens could bring you at least three times higher returns when compared to bank deposits.

No property management

When you invest in tokenized real estate, maintenance, repairs, and rents are on the operational team. On NOVA, token investors are free from property management responsibilities. 

As a NOVA investor, you receive profit from your property investment and no messages about angry neighbors or broken-down fridges.

Transparency and security

Full data on tokens and their ownership is documented in a smart contract, a program stored on the blockchain. Any investor can access this information and learn everything about it on the blockchain explorer. Still, data is anonymized thanks to the decentralization principles of Web 3.0.


The status value is a cherry on top of tokenized investments. With NOVA tokens, retail investors can finally say that they profit from real estate in Dubai and other high-end markets.

All benefits of real estate tokens support the central message of NOVA: Everyone can invest in high-end property markets in their own way. 

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